Underpriced Residential Lot in Royal Pines

As the first property listed on this new website, think of this offer as a bonus to you.

And here’s why…

Royal Pines is among the best highland subdivision development in Davao. Real estate investors and buyer with really high-end tastes are making sure they have a piece of Royal Pines. Perhaps, the best features of the place can be summarized as follows:

  • True High-end Development that is very close to downtown Davao
  • Very accessible to public transportation (main gate along McArthur Highway in Matina)
  • Highland project, meaning flood during heavy rains is never a problem here
  • Cool, overlooking view of Davao business center and the Davao Gulf
  • Close to the best schools in Davao (Ateneo de Davao, Philippine Women’s College, Davao Doctor’s College)
  • Close to the malls (SM City Davao, NCCC Mall, Center Point). From the site, you can even see the roofs of the malls.
  • Going to the airport is only about 20 to 15 minutes depending on traffic

As for the ammenities found in the community, Royal Pines has the most elegant ones.

  • Swimming Pool for kids and adults
  • Play ground and Play courts
  • Clubhouse

About the Residential Property For Sale

It’s a residential lot with an area of 353 sqm. The selling price is PhP 8,100 / sqm so that is a total of PhP 2,859,300.

Why is this a good price?

As of January 2010, the selling price of the neighboring lots is already at PhP 9,180 / sqm. That’s a price difference of PhP 1,080 / sqm. It’s very seldom that you find a high-end lot priced lower than the market value.

Notes to the buyers:

  • Since this is already a good price, you will be the one to shoulder all the expenses associated with transferring the title in your name, including: Capital Gains Tax, Documentarty Stamp Tax, Registration Fees, Lawyer’s Fees, etc
  • Spot Cash as much as possible
  • When getting a loan, get pre-qualified first to fast-track the process. Will require 50% Down Payment

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